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Hario Slim Hand Grinder

Hario Slim Hand Grinder

The Stick in the Mud
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Who grinds your coffee right now?

Some grocery store bladey thing?  Some horrible maceration-monster you plug in that also grinds cinnamon sticks and the 10 year old nutmeg in your pantry?

Baby, do yourself a favour and get a Coffee grinder.  COFFEE.  Something dedicated and cute (like me, if we were compatible) and start impressing the cat with your rhythmic grinding in the kitchen every morning.  Fresh you say?  Grinding in the kitchen right when you need it?  What could be fresher?

Ceramic burrs because they're better, cooler-running and longer-lasting.

Adjustable because sometimes coffees have different solubilities requiring different extraction rates, right?  How sexy would it be to say that to your kitchen-friends of a Sunday morning?

This little device will also make your arms bigger and stronger because it is manual.