We mainly roast coffee, but sometimes we choose to deviate a little. Sometimes we deviate a lot. 

From coffee related endeavors like BeanBox, the 24 hour option for bags of coffee, to a curated line of hot sauces to tempt your palate in other ways. 

Do you ever do other things while drinking coffee? We sometimes do too! Read a coffee-themed book from our library at the shop, or do some folding with beautiful double-sided origami paper. 

  • BeanBox

    A coffee bean vending machine?! You bet! Open all hours of the day and always Employee of the Month.

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  • Coffee Library

    Read a coffee-themed book in the shop, or take it home with you!

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  • Hot Sauce

    Why hot sauce? You know why! Come check out our curated hot sauce shelf and add some spice to your taste buds. They are your buds after all.

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  • Origami Paper

    Origami paper for all your folding desires. Tuttle origami paper is double sided, perfectly square (like us), and a pleasure to work with. (also like us?)

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