If you have popped into the Roastoreum you have probably heard us talking about coffee. Roasting coffee. Tasting coffee. Brewing coffee. Coffee-ing coffee. We don't always get the time to dive deep on a subject and really experiment so are making it official. Roastoreum classes are now in session! Come and learn with us!

Gather your curiosity. Bring your questions (we love questions here). Biggify your coffee smarts. 

How it works:

Each class has a list of dates and a number of spaces that you can choose from.

Or, you could buy a code as a gift (maybe it is a gift for yourself?). The code will give a discount for the price of the class so you can give the gift now... Choose the date and class later!

All that is left then is to show up to the Roastoreum on the day that you chose and we will have some fun with coffee together.

Classes are on Saturdays. 3:00pm - 4:30pm. (Note: the day of the week changed March 1st)

Biggify your coffee smarts!

Roasting, Cupping, Brewing, Espresso, Perfect Milk - We’ll learn you up!

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