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The Stick's Roastoreum

Gift - Roastoreum Class Code

Gift - Roastoreum Class Code

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Roastoreum classes are the perfect gift for the coffee people in your life. (to be clear, we mean people who like coffee - not people made of coffee. That's cool too though!).

Spend time with us and a small group learning about coffee, drinking coffee, and having a coffee good time. 

There is no need to sneak around to figure out the schedules of your friends and family if you want to get them a coffee class. With the gifted code, they can pick the date and class that works best for them on our website or at Roastoreum (free of charge).

After checkout, we will send you a separate email with your gift code(s) so keep an eye out!

Grab codes in bulk and get a discount!

Want to book every seat for a class and fill it with your posse? Give us a call or send us a message to get more info. 

If you have any questions about buying a code, or how to use it... or anything else. Feel free to send along a message to 

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