Coffee Library

Our aim at the Roastoreum is to make great tasting coffee accessible to all! With that goal in mind, we are excited to offer a little library of books. Some are older, well loved, and dogeared. Others are brand new!

Flip through while you are in the shop, or take a book home with you for a few weeks. 

Got a suggestion of something to add? We would love to hear about it!


Note: When taking a book home, we will ask that you leave a credit card on file should the book not be returned after a LONG time. (We are talkin' like months and months here.) Before we charge anyone for the retail price of the book you can expect plenty of emails that really bring on the shame.

"Other's are eagerly waiting to read the book you have out."

Or "People were asking when it would be back in stock just today...".

That kind of thing. You don't want that.