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The Stick in the Mud

V0S 1N0 Sticker

V0S 1N0 Sticker

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Typewriter version only! Island version is sold out.

Once upon a time in Sooke, we all had the same postal code and it was V0S1N0.

(And back then, when you went to the video store you just gave them the last 4 digits of your phone number and they’d be like, “Hey man, gonna watch The Man Who Would Be King again?”  And you’d be like, “Nah, wanna see Braveheart again...”  And then both of you would say in unison, “...again for the first time!” Then there would be some high-fiving and laffs, you’d pick up a Bar Six and a Fanta orange, some Cheezies and a bag of free popcorn and go and watch the movie in the basement on VHS.)

Indigenous to The Stick in the Mud, these decals have been spotted as far away as Panama and Nova Scotia but are regionally abundant on Vancouver Island. Now’s the time to build some cred in StickTown, bruh.

Oh, Nostalgia, you slippery snake, you had me at, “once upon a time...” Buy two, you sentimental fool, buy two.

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