In celebration of The Stick's Tenth Anniversary we are pleased to bring you Yeti!

When he was twelve, David’s boss’s name was Mr. Tucker.  Even today, when making management decisions, David asks himself, “WWMTD?”

On the door of Mr. Tucker’s workspace was a small handwritten note,
“You can work like hell
And be Johnny-on-the-spot
But you can’t sell something
That you haven’t got.”

Yeti is something that we have been asked for at The Stick.  A lot!
Yeti is a rich and full bodied blend of beans from that we roast just a bit darker than we usually roast.
Yeti is now available year-round for retail, wholesale and mail-order.  And it will be in regular rotation in our daily drip offerings.

Got Yeti?
Get it at The Stick.

Est. 07/07/07