Teasing the best out of the coffee beans is what roasting is all about.

The Stick sources coffee from all over the world and a look into the Roastoreum is a lesson in tropical geography!

Some of our coffee beans come from brokers in Canada or the US and some from people we know growing coffee at Origin. Our goal is to develop relationships with farmers and bring their beans to Sooke. Maybe one day we’ll ship entire containers from individual growing regions but for now we are a pretty small potato, buying most of our coffee by the pallet. Often we’ll bring in a single bag of something particularly interesting.


We blend some beans with others to create something better and some of it we serve as Single Origin beans.

Our roasters are friendly people, if you have questions they’re usually available for a chat or a tour but if there’s a batch in the drum that’s just rolling through first crack you might need to wait a few minutes. First crack is where a lot of the magic happens and our heads will be down, paying attention.

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